What I do!

I make MOGULS. I help affluent mid-lifers transform the 2nd half of their lives by building unique streams of wealth and attaching it to the purpose of making M.O.E. Money™ for Moments, Opportunities & Experiences.

A mogul is defined as a person who possesses a great deal of power, influence, or wealth. You may associate this term with the Oprah's or Richard Branson's of the world and you would be right. BUT.  There is no "dollar amount" attached to the definition.  Power, influence & wealth (and how you use it) are all relative. 


Why do you need a Mogul Maker? 

Having access to  wealth, resources and  subsequent success comes with its own challenges and issues. Whether you’re a first generation wealth creator, a UHNWI or even if you have received an inheritance, truth be told...Wealth without purpose can be the ultimate failure to your success, your legacy and your heirs. 

Have you obtained a level of success in a corporate setting or in your business, but aren't really fulfilled?

Have you noticed that you've stopped dreaming, planning, moving or implementing? 

You are just working, coasting....acting as if this half of your life doesn't matter.

You have had thoughts that pop up like:

"I'm getting too old to make any moves now."
"I have already got money, There isn't anything else to do."
"It's all about my children and grandchildren now."
"I wish I had started that 2nd business."
"I should have taken way more risks."
" I need to write a book about my life, or my industry, but is it interesting enough? Do I know enough?"

"My parents need me."

"My grandchildren need me."

"I'm just trying to get to retirement at this point."


Or the BIG one ....
"So this is IT? This is ALL that there is?"

That’s where I come in. I deal with those those thoughts head on with the D.O.P.E. Living™ System and help get your momentum going for life at halftime. The goal is making your latter days better than your former days and building something significant that outlives YOU!

How do I know that? How can I be SO sure that I can be the catalyst that makes a difference?

Because I have personally had EACH AND EVERY THOUGHT I JUST LISTED, even WALLOWED in it! But then built a successful system to navigate it!

I refused to be a "has been".

I refused to believe that my second half  doesn't count.

I refused to think that all I have done, was all that there was left to do.

I refused to have made it through ALL I have been through .....

  • Poverty.

  • Divorce.

  • Single parent of 5.

  • Loss of possessions.

  • Catching the bus to work and school.

  • Taking my children with me to class (yep, all of them).

  • Sleeping on my living room floor so my children could have a place to sleep comfortably.

  • The death of my dad.

  • The illness of my mom.

...Only to get to halftime and then just QUIT THE GAME...or lose by forfeit because I failed to show up and LIVE? 


Not me!  (And not you either, if you've read this far)

Listen, I’ve seen too many "7 figure" gurus  GO BROKE  because they didn’t have a solid foundation on who they were, nor did they have a purpose for their wealth outside of a new handbag and a luxury car.  (No hate, I have both. But SURELY there is more to living than THAT)

I've seen coaches, consultants, entrepreneurs, and public figures all fizzle out of the spotlight because they didn't understand that influence is CURRENCY and they didn't know where to invest it. 

I'm watching "Gen Xers" and "Xennials" live in a cycle of  inertia  where they have resources, but their life is predictable. Days have become mundane and lack intention. So they blow money, and without saying it have really given up on building anything else. School-Job-Business...you figure forget it, that's enough.

So again, that’s where my passion for you...for us, pricked my heart. I HAD to help! 

Look, We are not DONE.  We have more life to live. More to give this world. More people to help.  More to do, see, experience and create. Come build your second half with me!  Together, let's go out BIG and leave a mark that will change generations.  



My Five Heartbeats!

Rest in Peace Daddy!