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In this tribe you can ask questions and get ANSWERS!  Graduates of my courses will be with me in the room daily to interact, give tips and help you refine your status as an: 

  • ICON




Don't you want to live a DOPE life? A life where wealth, wisdom & legacy is the priority?  In order to live at your highest potential, you have to master the facets of what being D.O.P.E. is about.  This renowned online training includes 6 lessons with over 10 hours of teaching that cover the DOPE (disciplined, organized, productive and efficient) System ! All are MUST HAVE'S for building multiple businesses, cultivating influence and creating tangible wealth generators for the next half of your life!  

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Learn Camille's method for:

  • Re-Dreaming-"visiting the back burner"!

  • Daily & weekly planning   

  • Running multiple businesses

  • Preparing to sell your business

  • Organizing your life & home

  • Measuring productivity & efficiency and MORE!

  Taking this journey will sharpen the tools you need to level up in EVERY area of your life, home & businesses. 

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The Country Club is the premium Mastermind Mentoring program for those with a net worth of 6-7 figures and looking to build an exceptional lifestyle & renowned legacy. "The Club" is an exclusive, mogul making, life changing, catalyst!  


With direct access to ME, you will:

  • Create and grow multiple/ passive streams of income within your industry area.

  • Develop a family cohort plan . 

  • Create a philanthropic project, (which is required to work with Camille).  

  • Write THE book that elevates and showcases your expertise.

  • Enjoy a luxury retreat (w/private chef, chauffeured limo service , photoshoots and more) 


12 months in my world, will propel you into Mogul status & set you up to change lives (including your own) forever! Once your tenure is over, you are a "forever" member of The Country Club, awarded the "Black blazer" with all rights, privileges and benefits that will be afforded to our alumnus. 


Limited to 10 members a year.