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Hey! I'm Camille, the Founder & CEO of The Camille Company & its subsidiaries.

In a nut shell..."I bring order to chaos".

If the chaos is in your business or brand, CDJ & Associates can handle it.  If its in your lifestyle, focus or passion, then Life at the Half or Midlife Millionaire can help.


I am a PROUD GEN-X er! I also have the honor of speaking on stages internationally.  I am a published author and graduate of both Harvard and Cornell University with certifications in Business Management and Organizational Leadership...and while I was at it, I earned a certification designation for Crisis Management as well! I give back as a mentor by creating and moderating the Chief of Staff group on Linkedin which now boasts almost 9000 members!

I have been featured in The New York Post, The Wall Street Journal, USA Today, as well as Women's World Magazine, Yahoo Travel and Business Insider!  

And between you and I, I am a former international pageant Queen and held titles in state, national and local pageants as well.

Most importantly, I am a Wife, Mama, Nanee, Sister, Auntie and friend! I live in the amazing Midwest where we get all four seasons (sometimes in one week). I am a new golfer (VERY new), I enjoy books, writing, bowling, shopping and travel! 

Pleasure to meet ya!


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